Wine Club FAQs

1. Is the 10%/20% discount applied to my initial purchase?
No, only on future purchases throughout the year until the code expires. 
2. Will my 10%/20% discount be applied to RED WINES when they are made available?
No, our red wines are in very limited supply and available ONLY to wine club members as a benefit of joining the Wine Club.
3. Can I mix and match a case of various varietals to make a case of wine?
Yes. Our white wines are available to mix and match.
4. Can I use my membership discount to buy wine for my friends and family?
You can buy as much wine as you like under your name and membership. They will all be paid for by you and shipped to your address. If you wish to forward wine to others upon receipt, that is your prerogative. However the wine club membership and discount applies only to you.
5. Will you notify me when my VV membership is expiring or will it be auto renewed?
Yes, you will be notified however it is NOT automatically renewed.  You can renew membership by purchasing another case of wine before your membership expires. With that purchase you will receive a new discount code. 
6. If I allow my membership to lapse, will I be able to get it back?
Yes, based on availability, through purchase of another case of wine at full retail cost. If the VV Club is full, at 50 members, you would be placed on a priority wait list as a former member.