Vogelzang Vineyard Wine Clubs

We are dedicated and extremely grateful for all of our friends and family who love and promote our wines.  For that reason, we have created two elite wine clubs, The Birdsong Club and The VV Club, which enable members to access Vogelzang white wines at a discount, as well as, exclusive access to library red wines that are no longer available to the public.

Membership in our clubs is simple. Active membership is based on annual purchase of wine.  Depending on which club is chosen (which is accomplished by simply adding the preferred club to your cart) membership begins once the first case or half case is purchased.  

There is an expectation of all members that at least one additional half case of wine will be purchased throughout the year in order to keep the membership active.  If the membership is not kept active, it will deactivate as will the promotion code that allows for the membership discount.

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