Happy Thanksgiving

Vogelzang Vineyard in the Fall Season with yellow grapevines

Harvest is over and the grapes have found their homes in the Central Coast and even up to Napa.  What a year.  The weather played tricks on everyone here in the Central Coast.  First beastly hot, then cool with a touch of rain and then back to hot. Over the last 18 years, I do not think we have been able to say, "Ah, that was such a lovely, normal year".  These sweet grapes keep us on our toes.  For this wonderful piece of God's great earth, the birds, the breezes and the times of the seasons, we give thanks.

So to all of you, may you have a genuine heart of gratitude, joy and awe as we enter this most blessed time of the year.  
From our family to yours.  
The Vogelzangs